One of the biggest functions of the European Youth Capital title is to shine a light on the issues that the youth of the host city are dealing with on a regular basis. This might seem like it should be a no-brainer, but it’s a sad fact of life that there is not attention being given to problems like lack poverty, poor nutrition, and lack of proper housing. With the EYC, it’s bit like when you don’t have to buy traffic for a website for a limited time because everyone else is already focusing on your domain.

Coming back to the EYC, the prestigious nature of the title will guarantee at least some coverage of the development, which then presents a lot of opportunities for youth organizers. There is no better time to generate a buzz about important topics than when cameras are pointing at you.

More Attention

There is generally more attention being directed at a city if it has been award with the EYC title, which makes it the perfect time to consolidate the most important youth issues and then bring them to light. From there, solutions can be proposed to finally solve such problems, which has a much bigger chance of getting support from important figures and organizations.

Better Sponsors

There is also a much bigger chance of finding better sponsors in funding youth projects with the EYC going on. Just as there are more website visitors coming to your site when there are huge discount deals on offer, the EYC attracts companies like sharks in a bloody part of the ocean. Youth leaders and non-profits can then use this chance to convince these companies to promote their own brands with a round of sponsorship.

Rallying Citizens

Finally, the EYC provides the youth with the chance to rally other members of the community to their cause. With the youth being the future of any civilization, it only makes sense to give them more security and support. Sometimes, older folks simply need to be reminded of that, which is exactly what the EYC is supposed to be doing.