Being awarded with the European Youth Capital title provides a city with a lot of privileges, among them is the opportunity to bring its youth together to do something meaningful that will change their lives. There are a lot of youth issues that have gone on unaddressed for far too long and the EYC title gives youth organizations with the chance to finally solve them. They can present a whole litany of potential solutions, which can include workshops on how to build a website to how to improve their skills.

The opportunity to finally make a real difference in the lives of young people should be something that cities should never take for granted. Unfortunately, this is often the case in many places and the youth are powerless to do anything about it. The EYC is one of the few avenues where the young are actually the center of attention.

The Spotlight

The youth can be easy enough to attract with the right tools and methods since they can be a bit like moths sometimes. When something is bright and shiny, there’s a good bet that young people will be there and that can be what the EYC event can offer. Basically, the title can shine a light on youth issues bright enough to attract even the youth, themselves. This will then help give them a reason for showing up. Kind of like how a tech blog attracts visitors with giveaways and such.

The Hubbub

Noise and excitement are great ways to draw in youngsters, as well. If there is enough of that generated by the EYC awarding, there are bound to be some interested teens and young adults forming a crowd. From there, it’s just a matter of taking advantage of the momentum to get them even more excited.

The Incentives

Finally, there are the incentives that come with attending the EYC events that will likely be taking place. If there is food, entertainment, and plenty of distractions to go along with the presentations and the like, young people will attend. This is how they can be brought together.