While industrialized countries generally tend to be better at addressing issues concerning their citizens, youth problems have historically been ignored a lot of the times. With the European Youth Capital award, however, these youth issues are typically given more attention than usual. It’s like when you buy traffic for website or domains that you own, where attention is brought directly to a cause that you care about.

In any case, the EYC is one of the most important ways in which cities can bring their youth together, present inventive and useful solutions to everyday problems, and shine a light on matters that are often ignored. It’s also a great way to force local governments to finally act on important issues regarding the younger population, especially if officials have historically been rather negligent on the matter.

More Eyes on Officials

With the increase in attention that the EYC event would inevitably attract, city and government officials have more incentive to become more attentive to the needs of the youth. Any discrepancy in their effort to promote youth programs and solutions to youth issues will be more likely to be criticized. This criticism could then be more easily picked up by others. It’s like a domain getting more website visitors because other, more influential sites are focusing on it.

Scoring Points

Of course, with more attention on a city comes more opportunities to score points for government officials. This can come in the form of re-election points or it can be in the form of officials moving up the ranks by bringing in the right kind of focus. Leaders become more appealing when they show that they are able to care for those under them and the EYC is able to provide them with this chance.

Extra Opportunities

Finally, there are the extra opportunities that cities can get from the EYC. This can be in the form of increased tourism, business opportunities, or whatever else that a city might be after. If the event proves successful, there could be more interest in investing in the city due to its improved youth prospects.