The world relies on the youth of our generation to shed light on the world. Steve Jobs put it in words amazingly, “It is life’s change agent, it clears out the old to make way for the new.” He was referring to death. He was referring to our youth who will soon take over our country and the world. The world is their oyster. They can lead to fruitful and meaning lives. They can drive the change where we failed miserably. As their guardians, we should see them beyond their innocence and brokenness.


Teach Them Genuine Kindness

Showing kindness to one another has a ripple effect that goes through time. Teach the youth genuine kindness, and we’ll have a world with armies that fight not with their guns but with their hearts and fire goodness wherever they go. It’s time to stop the hate that’s driving site traffic and replace it with positivity. It’s time that we become demonstrators of kindness while the youth are watching. Let’s teach them not by words but by showing them. Kindness has a profound meaning that becomes harder to grasp especially in a cruel world we are in.

Mend Their Broken Souls

sadWe’ve seen on the news some negativity about our youth. We saw teenagers involved in drugs, prostitution, and other crimes. As the spectators of the news, we often react and say, “what in the world is going on?”. However, that question should not end there. What can you do as a normal citizen? We often participate in social media and buying instagram followers reviews. But how words without action can mean anything? There’s always something you can do. If you know a youth with a broken soul, carefully mend it. The wound might not fully be erased and might leave a scar, but that’s okay. We are broken pieces ourselves. But we know that our brokenness made us who we are.

Giving More Value to Character

The problem with our society today is we set so many deliverables as if we run a company. In order to be successful, you need to have a degree from a reputable school, you have to have this and that. We forgot to put value in good character. Having a good character has more weight than vodafone top up online and any degree you can get. We should teach youth that no matter what job you do, street sweeper, police officer, teacher, and so on, anyone can be proud as long as their character is intact. Imagine what the world is going to be like when we have youth thinking like this. It somehow changes our dog-eats-dog mentality. It will free us from shackles of overachieving and maintaining our meaningless glory. True glory is in the heart, it is not external but rather internal. It’s within us.